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Use your launching pad to Pult Cattle into the delicate China! The green bumpers can be adjusted to direct the Bull in other directions.

Make sure to check out 'The-EXP's' NG page for our level design contest.


We hope you enjoy!

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Really fun!

While the graphics were not that great, this was still a very nice game to play, simply because it was so fun. It was amazing how each and every level had a very specific amount of detail put into it. The best part was the goofy sound effects. It was just great to see this bull randomly catch on fire from eating the chili peppers and stuff. It was the first game I ever played that had that many tutorials. It's funny to just see the bull hop around over and over.

Even when you lost a level, it was funny to see the bull have problems with the arrows. The voice in this sounded really professional, like a game show host. At least this game managed to get some recognition from having so many well known people work on it. It's great how you can just use the boomerang and let the game play itself. Using the arrow keys you can even go out of frame!

Beat this

B_Ressler<@>Insanoball<@>AAA132111131 1112311B1112111B11132211711223AB121BA 1137232732A11123732A13272374732723A12 3732A11113723273A11B121BAB11711B11122 31112111322113211113111123AAA1<@>5

The prize

Man the prize is amazing it completely makes it worth it to go through the last level

Check this shit out.

Peanut<@>Long_Road<@>CCCC3313AA11CAA1 1133AA111C111CCC31C13AA11313114C33111 1313A1131111313A1131C31C33111313A111C 33131CCA11313111133A1CACCAA111132<@>5


That game was awsome. I could get past level 2 though. LOL
Here's my level. phanphy<@>AvoidChili<@>ZZZ000000AAA4B 3111323233177772111377772177773111277 7773111721113717731001731112717721001 7211137177210017311127177310017323237 1772100177777771772100AA111ZZZ000000<
@>5 Also, 5/5