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Tails Love Triangle Ep. 2

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Well, here it is. Tails Love Triangle 2.
I'm sorry it took so long, but I have several problems that held me back.
In this Episode, Cosmo and Cream are both determined to "keep" Tails, so they take him on very interesting (and slightly exaggerated) dates.
Yeah, I know the Cosmo sprites are crap, but since people are too lazy to make them, tough luck.
In this flash, there are no easter eggs, 'cause I was too lazy to make them.
And If you hate Tails, Cosmo, or any of the other Sonic carachters, get the f%#k out of here.
One last thing: If you know where I can get good Sonic Music, I'd greatly appreciate it, 'cause the sites I know don't have what I'm looking for.
Edit: for those of you who might want to know how many episodes there will be, there will be 5 episodes.

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yea romance IS complicated.....

For TailsThePrower, it does't sound like them when they swear. ESPECIALLY CREAM! But it does to me LOL!

it doesnt sound like them when they swear. ESPECIALLY CREAM!


i dont get it casmo and cream were really good friends in sonic x

Holy Crap Cream!

Where did she learn all those naughty naughty words? SHe's like what, 6? perhaps 7 now? o.O

Other than that I liked it. +7 for the flash, +1 cuz ur a friend of my friend :D