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Turkey Shooter 3D

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Author Comments

Happy thanksgiving everyone. The Pilgrims are challenged by the Indians to a turkey shooting contest! Play as a pilgrim and shoot all the turkeys in a 3D environment. The faster you shoot a turkey, the more points you will get.

I only had about a few days to finish this... it turned out better than I expected! It will probably lag in later levels, even on a good pc, but still playable. I am currently working on 3D flash that can reduce lagging.

Any problems with turkey shooter 3D, email me at josh_tamugaia @ yahoo . com . Happy hunting.

NOTE on reviews

Before reviewing, please understand, that I know this is not a game that is a HUGE production or something. It definitely has room for improvement, and that is what I am aiming for in future. I finished this game within only a few days, plus some testing and stuff. But it supposedly should be better and more unique compared to the generic 2D defense or shooting games that you already have seen on this site and various other sites. Why:

1. This game is all 3D, so you can see turkeys from far away and shoot them if you have a clear shot
2. Although it is just shooting turkeys, skill is involved because you need to aim and shoot them fast, and try not to miss.
3. A lot of guys like watching Turkey cruelty.. XD (OK, that is maybe not a good thing)

To all of you who are reviewing with positiveness or helpful negativeness or constructive and truthful criticism, I thank you very much. You guys help me to make better games for you guys. Hopefully I will come up with better flash 3D FPS games like Counter-Strike in future. No, not like Flash Strike...

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thanksgiving is next week!

I can't wait for a nice big baked turkey leg dipped in mac n cheese yehehe!!


josh-tamugaia responds:


I really liked the intro. It looked like there was something really cool about to happen. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't that good. It's still not a bad game. It's always fun to just shoot stuff for no reason. Well, there is a reason here.

You'd think that would make the game more enjoyable. The 3D wasn't that good. The turkeys looked too much like paper cutouts. I really do like the music, though. It's a pretty good game.

This game has potential

This turkey shoot could be better with a bit more effort. A few constructive bits of advice:

1. Pilgrims did not have shotguns (they used single fire muskets).
2. Wild turkeys do not generally run up to a person who is making a lot of noise.
3. Controls: add the ability for the hunter to turn.

Otherwise this game is pretty cool. Possibly allow the hunter to be an indian hunting with a bow. :)


the 3d effect were really nice
I can't imagine how you did you do it
the concept was cool... but... It could be a little more interesting