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Gamer Tonight - FPS Gamer

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funny animation, funny jokes, not the best but its worth 3 and a half stars!

When it said FPS I thought it meant frames per second. Come to think of it, I really am more used to that acronym. Well, I don't play games like this anyway. This is mostly funny because of the subtitles. I could follow both. It does make me wonder about all the games out there.

I can see someone only playing one. You can only have one religion, right? Some of these are probably popular enough to be a religion. I liked the host's lip. Congrats on these views.


Not all FPS were bad. Look at Goldeneye 007, Turok, Perfect Dark, etc.
OFFLINE FPS ftw rofl!

Oh...wait...Online FPS...yea, No. I laugh at my in-laws for their ignorance in buying EACH and EVERY, SINGLE, EXPANSION that comes out. Every single call of duty expansion EVER released...

I mean seriously...Get's up, Plays, eats, showers, goes to work, soon as he gets outta the car, flops and plays CoD for HOURS!...it's aggravating!

I introduced the dumb ass to Skyrim and THIS was his expression

o_O "the hell is this shit? Get this off my ps3!"

Ah I remember this series. Had its run for sure but I think there's some more material you can work with. How about like Sandbox gamers like Minecraft or something like that. I can imagine the player being a fat pimply 13 year old. and a creeper hoodie. Hehehe

Good stuff

All too real...