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Hi guys,
Emulation is an experimental animation where I used different techniques such as pelicule, collage, paint, flash,... to achieve the needed results.

The animation is about adaptation in groups. I also have the feeling that the beginning can be a bit confusing, but i'm sure that while watching the story everything will become clear.

I would appreciate if you guys would recommend emulation for the experimental collection.

Sorry for the small resolution, it was necessary to keep the quality up.


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Means a lot

Good job on this!

Fierras responds:

Tnx, glad you liked it.


I only discovered this in the treasure hunt.
One of the many reasons the treasure hunt is my favorite contest.


I hate when that stuff happens


That was neat seeing all those shapes transform into different objects and the music fit perfectly with the flash,it would be a lot better watching high though but still a swell experimental flash you made here.

What a strange way to tell this story

The story: In my perspective it's about a group of four and a group of three. Two members from the group of three decide to join the group of four. The last member of the group of three tries to get in but can't so the new group of six decide to leave him behind. Wanting to go the loner struggles with one of his former group-ees. the former group-ee shoots him by fault and leaves him for dead. A strangers waltzes over and they become pals.

The thing is that the story is awesome but the way it is told is even cooler. When I first watched it, it looked like a puzzle game. Matchup the shapes. But then it became clear. It is very experimental and very cool. Still, I find it peculiar that this is the way to tell the story, but it is awesome nevertheless

Fierras responds:

Hi Stolkmen5000, I'm glad you enjoied Emulation and that you saw that there was more going on then just shapes changing.



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4.53 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
10:36 PM EST