Save the emos!!

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a load of bullshit.

the only thing good here is to see them die! Emos are people who did not get something they want from there parents and are spoiled brats. so they use this kind of sceenario to get said something. take this little peace of shit down. if any emo trys to corect me, you should be happy, you have a roof over your head and a computor. so you emos just fucking suck.

I'm emo

Aww thanks!


i hate it but you should be nice to emos so 1 star....for you 1!!!

nice point

lol nice work the one emo even failed to kill himself very realistic for emos who cut as i'm told cause they hate life and wish to die then damn they all suck cause they never die and never shut up and go away lol 10/10

the works was desiont alittle hateful thought

But this is newgrounds and with that i have to say is pounch an emo in the face... its ok there not humen... And if you want me to treat them as such stop making me feel like they need to be pounched...

also about the flash... great work with the head poppy anim. they worked well plus the name dosnt make it seem like its going to kick ass every one emo or not... must watch this one... and see it as a joke

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Nov 11, 2007
6:05 PM EST
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