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Green Maple's Shorts-3

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Author Comments

Code Monkey Gets Owned:

Green Maple Avenges Chiefy

A couple days ago, codemonkey challenged me to a flash making contest. This was my submission. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as the guys over at the Quest forum's did.

Artist Update 1/20/08: I apologize i didn't acknowledge this sooner, but i just found out who made the .fla's for the grenades and knifes, Wind-up Clock, thanks a ton. and they look awesome. check him out http://wuclock.newgrounds .com/

Artist Update 2/1/08:
The car was made by TangClock

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very cool.

i must tell, ist so cool, i liked how you designed the sword, the gun, and the grenades, as well teh graet cars. did you do these cars

GreenMapleClock responds:

to tell you the truth Green Maple is the only thing i created, I don't have an art pad so i can't draw that shit, and even if i did, i'm not a good artist so it would prolly look terrible.

Everything here besides the monkey and maple were from the CC (thanks guys)
and the credit goes to them

Ownage is always something to laugh at. :D

And so is a monkey getting owned.

So far I've seen all but your No. 4 shorts. I just have one question, are you working on anything longer? Or are you just gonna keep doing shorts?

GreenMapleClock responds:

currently I'm working on a series that's in the planning/development stage right now, as well as another CC flash that should be a bit longer.

but until then, i'm going to keep pumping these out simply because they're easy to make, and only take an hour or two.

no blood

the no blood plain effects killed it all

GreenMapleClock responds:

what are you, some sort of corphiophage? J/K, the reason there's no blood is that, for one thing, that would require effort, and I am quite lazy. And secondly, there wouldn't actually be that much blood, despite what hollywood and MK make you believe, besides, if I had added blood it would've made the whole thing look that much worse.

So please, next time vote on how much you like the flash, not based upon whether or not it satifies your sick fetishes...

Good job!

That was friggin' hilarious. I'm just surprised you didn't throw in more overkill after the grenade explosions. I would've laughed my butt off and voted 5!!

GreenMapleClock responds:

Thanks man I appreciate it, to be honest, this was for a contest. CodeMonkey is just getting into flash and he wanted to see which one of us could do this better, after 8 or so ideas that would take to freakin long to do, I came up with this one, which is essentially a combination of a bunch of my other flashes.

Clock Crew pwnz you

I could watch that over and over again.

GreenMapleClock responds:

Please Do ^_^
And Yes, Clock Crew PWNZ YOU ALL!

Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

Nov 11, 2007
5:25 PM EST