Pin Clock Vs. Dec1310

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After being bored with the Kitty Krew, Dec1310 Decided to go ahead and attack all of the other groups...starting with the Clock Crew. Will Dec1310 thwart the great Clock Crew? Watch to find out.

The Idea for this one was given by Inferno Kitty after watching BigfuzzykittenVs.Dec1310. Dark Matter Clock appears after helping me convert an important file, but that's a story for another day/


dec1310 is a nice guy REALY

its funny but dec1310 a nice guy. he's my good friend and a very nice guy.

kirbykrew responds:

I know. Just joining in a bandwagon is what that was.


1. I dont hate Clock Crew... i love it...
2. I hate KK by their spam
3. I dont use speakonia
4. thats not my shape
5. why the *** did my movies got parodied so much time?!?

kirbykrew responds:

Oh, hello dec1310, I didn't expect a review from you yourself...I'll respond to each statement sepratly.

1. I love CC too, isn't it wonderful? I kinda had to say you hated it because that was the group I'm in.
2. To be Quite frank, I don't like thier spam either. Their collabs is a diffrent story.
3. I do, and my mike broke after recording the crying effect, so I guess that was just how it went.
4. It was the Shape in Bigfuzzykitten's Version, that was what I based it off of.
5. I dunno, things just happen to that.

Also, nothing against you man, didn't mean to offend or anything. Just did this for shits and giggles.

~kirbykrew/Pin Clock.

cool clips

i liked it, noice and well drawn. good job. i also liked the sound. also is this based on true event? or na

kirbykrew responds:

It's based upon a true event that Bigfuzzykitten had. Me (As well as the Kitty Krew) parodied it.

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2.98 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
4:04 PM EST
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