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The Candy Forest

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You may think that this is stolen from AssiOS, but actually AssiOS was my previous account, which was hacked two days ago. I didn't get it back, so I made a new account, GlowingMonkey (this one.) You can see that my name is the same as at my previous account.
*** ***
The impossible halloween-game
Well, this is not really a game, but more a "Happy Halloween"-card. It was supposed to be released at Halloween, but my computer crashed, so here it is!
There were bugs at the first version, which I released at my hacked account, but now I've also fixed the bugs!

Happy Halloween!
(And please tell me if you still find any bugs :))


Interesting game

The graphics could get a little better, but this still was a pretty fun game. It got boring at some point but this was pretty decent. Still I like this game, and can't wait to see some more next year. Keep it up!

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Assios responds:

Thanks! :)


omg i was sooo scared with the scream. NOT

Assios responds:

So why did you write it then? It wasn't supposed to scare...

A few things.

You should have submitted this as a game. Now you probably can't get it in a collection.

The game itself wasn't any fun, either. The pumpkins fell at random, so you can only just go left, and hope you won't get hit. So it wasn't fun to play. If you would have put some kind of rithm in it, it would've worked. Now it's just a bad try. Pretty good art, though.

Assios responds:

Thanks! I didn't noticed that I uploaded it as a movie until you told me, but now I've changed it :)


It works OK, but the distance from the top to the bottom is so short that I could not get out of the way before the pumpkins hit me. I find it hard to believe that most people could. I got a better score from just zooming the sweets across the page as fast as possible regardless. I got half way through level 3 like that!

It looked and sounded OK, though its not a particularly exciting or original game. Shame you missed Halloween it would definately have scored better at this one or next one.


Assios responds:

Thanks for responding. Yes, it was my first game. But, as I said, its more a "Happy Halloween-message", than a game ;)


good game but a little to easy. keep trying:)

Assios responds:

Yep, it was my first attempt on making a game :)

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3.38 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
12:48 PM EST
Skill - Avoid