Jammy Jam #1

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It's magic, ya' know.

The song is Pilot - Magic. We finally finished this one after much delay. The MP3 converter I used screwed up the sounds so it is shorter than it should be and it gets out of synchronization, also we had to delete some work we did. Mexifry895's part has been added as an extra because of this.



I was very impressed by this. I think it might be your best submission yet. Then again, you did have a lot of help with this one. Doomshock is one of my favorite authors. It seems like I've been looking at him a lot recently. I really liked seeing the Madness guy.

I knew you wouldn't be the person who would draw them. It just didn't seem your style. I really do like this song. It's hard to wrong with something so happy. Pilot was the band's name?

A bit dull

I thought this collab was a bit lackluster because it lacked so much in it be very entertaining. A lot of the parts were animated pretty poorly or didn't have backgrounds or otherwise lacked something to make them special. I also did not like the song at all which also made this somewhat of a bad collab. So it was not unwatchable. But it was still pretty bad quality.

This collab brings back memories.

I have grown so much from this project.
I really want to do another one of these sometime. :)

Fun, fast-paced vibe.

Great song choice.

I liked the fast-pace of the changing scenes.

The morphing fat dude was specially cool.

The lip-synching was generally great, though the baby (after the wierd creatures) was a drop in quality. Also, the fact that you lip synched so much of the song made it lose some of its eclectic nature - watching a human face lip-synching just isn't as interesting to me as seeing a wierd creature or seeing some shapes or a visual gag.

And the end was badly chopped, of course.

Still, it had a fun vibe.

why did you remove mexifry s part??

it was really good!!
but noffence!!!

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3.82 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
12:15 PM EST
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