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Devil May Cry M2 *SE*

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awesome devil may cry special edition xD

WATCH THE FIRST ONE BEFORE YOU VIEW!!! - you wont know whats going on otherwise!

------Edit------ WoW Front Page and daily 4th!!!! thanks alot to whoever put it there man im so happy!
i'm really glad that people enjoyed it and Devil May Cry M3 will be released
within four weeks!

PS. I am responding to all reviews that are constructive - thanks for your help!

**LOL Nobodys probably going to read this but hey here you are anyway**

Special Edition Re-release.

Over a month ago i submitted the origional version of Devil May Cry M2. The origional copy had many bugs and sound problems that i did not know about, and it was made very clear in the reviews that many people couldn't understand what the characters were saying and that the music and SFX destroyed the whole value of the flash and made it somewhat unwatchable.

It got onto newgrounds with a 3.71 but i was unable to continue making the next episode knowing that M2 was unwatchable. This is why i spent the last month re working everything on the origional from scratch.

- The end result has an all new origional re mixed music, new and improved graphics and scenes (recomended by reviewers)- easter eggs, extras in the special features page, describing the story of the next mission and re worked sound effects and voice acting.

This makes Devil May Cry M2 Special Edition much like the DMC3 special edition remake on the PS2
-new and improved-

--I have left the origional copy of M2 on Newgrounds for sentimental reasons-- lol.

**High Graphic Conent** - unless you have a great computer it should be viewed on MEDIUM quality.
The latest flash Player is required to view the flash properly.

Special Thanks to the excellent voice talent of -WindTunnelArchives- and -Big D- !

This is the Re make of the Second Part in the Devil May Cry Mission series made as a tribute to one of the greatest games EVER! This episode has more action and story than the first, and introduces some of the main aspects of the series.

There is going to be four more episodes made (all of the script is already written up). Dante in most other flashes uses only two basic weapons - so i thought - WHAT ABOUT ALL THE FANTASTIC OTHERS! Which is why dante uses a variety of weapons in the series.

A clue to the easter egg is that it is prominent in the last scene and clickable!

- The special features page now has also included extras only for the Special Edition Re-Release so check it out if you want to =D.

I hope you enjoy the Second mission now and i apologize for the terrible sound quality of the first!

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Mixed emotions

Well, there are many parts of me that find this good and other parts that do not. The animation was generally good, but there were some cheap effects. It just seemed at times like the characters didn't move very smoothly through their environments. I actually know little about the "Devil May Cry" series, so I can not judge this as being authentic to the game. This is still interesting because the fight scenes are good. Some of the dialogue is kind of cheesy.

This is best shown when he says his dead mother could fight better. I will admit that it is a unique flash seeing as how it's different in reviews than its score. There was a wide variety of colors being used so that was done well. Maybe work on some more of the animation especially with the swords. The designs are good, though.

Whats up Man?

Hey man Whats up? Remember me from You Tube? Yea, I'm working on the "Devil May Cry 5 Parody". So I can Upload it to New Grounds. Because The whole video you saw on You Tube was done through Windows Movie Maker... It will be out soon.

BTW check out the poster 4 the game I'm going to make its in my New Grounds account under: "Latest News". Hope you like it. :3

Mmmm good good but you need better skills

Im not much of a DMC fan myself but however I love playing the games :) I like your handdrawn approach on this submission. Ok there are things I want to tell what you should improve on. The animation at certain parts was very good, but however flawed artwork can mislead the reviewer seeing the movement.

Most reviewers on here are complaining about the artwork, which actually needs fixing up. (Dante changing from 6ft to 2ft tall each shot aint a good thing) Dispite that there could be more of a story and you should of added sound effects. Trust ;) it works better with sfx.. hearing the bacon sizzle on the pan ain't no good if you can't smell it :) (erm did that make sence? haha well anywayz good job!!


Ok, the story is good, I understand. As soon as the masked man said 'Foolishness...Dante' I knew who it was XD Could use a little more touch to the artwork, but still a good job. Loved the fight scenes.

I can't find the easter egg!

I tried following your clue..but I can't find it..even with tabbing rapidly through the last scene..I like your flash, but i wanna see the easter egg! Where is it?

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2007
8:18 AM EST