Space World 1.0

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Warning (play on low graphics.)right click on movie then choose low graphics. it runs to slow on high graphics.

The game is a turn base game as well as a space sim. The idea of the game is to get enough money to buy land on a planet. Then u can have a happy life. To get money u have to take people to space stations. at the space station u can pick up people who want to get to the other space stations. Every time u drop off some one u get 10$.

This game took me a long time to make. So please tell me what u think of it. If u like it, i might think of making a sequel.
From Danny Csaky
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i love how it gives you a "Star Wars" kind of feel to the game. when you make another, just add a little more things to do... like bosses, or upgrades to the cannon or something to motivate us to get into the game. just do that and your going to have a GREAT game.

Not bad

Not bad at all need some work though, get rid of the aimless drifting....or add more things to shoot or something.

Almost perfect

I liked it allot except for 2 fixable problems. First off, there are times when you are aimlessly going through space for longer then neccessary. Second there could be more divercity to the enemys, diff shapes, diff weak spots, diff difficulty. Other then that it was great.

Good idea but needs a little more of everything

Good but like i said it needs a little more soud and better graphics and more things to do and so on. Good idea, keep on tryin

Kind of repetitive and really boring

If the game gave you the chance to upgrade your ship or if there was boss ships which you had to destroy when you reached a planet. A wider galaxy of planets to travel to would also have been good.

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2.56 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2002
1:15 AM EST
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