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You slide Blokus/Tetris-style pieces around, trying to fit them all into the yellow area at the bottom. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes I swear it can't be done until I finally figure it out.

Programmed/Designed by Jeff Wofford

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This was yet another game hurt by the fact that there was no music or sounds. I knew it wasn't something with my laptop. The best part about it was probably how it was so simple. Of course, it was also a lot more complicated than you would imagine. I liked how it was spelled differently. It wasn't too much fun not knowing the exact shape I needed.

I still appreciate how it was a bit different. I guess there could have been more detail. I noticed this was one letter away from a swear word. I kind of doubt that was intentional. I guess it just comes off as bland in too many areas.

Good and challening, starts to get really hard at level 20

What level are you guys at?

I'm going strong at level 15 right now in less than 20 moves

Tricky but great

This game really gets you to concentrate really hard. I couldn't get past level 5 because it was just really hard for me at that point. Music might help make this game for enjoyable.

Really good!

Though I agree with earlier comments, It should have some quirky music to go with it! Besides that it is very good, entertaining, well made and makes you think, all great qualities in puzzle game, keep it up, yeah?