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Invention No. 13

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This is my first ever flash. It was done for 12 fps and it has no plot line. I'm submitting this, though, to get constructive criticism. If your criticism is destructive, please do not post it. Just give me the score that you think it deserves. Thank you.

Oh yea, go to the website of Luis Morena (http://youtube.com/watch ?v=C4MNkWsBke8) and check out his other classical music concoctions. He is really pretty good!

For the first ten reviews I have received, thank you for your input! I just wanted to add that I have been working with flash for about a week. I am also using the tutorial. This flash was done with frame-by-frame, too, and it took 875 frames in all. But thank you so much for all your input and comments. You're support is making me want to continue. This next time, however, I want to take longer, take more time, and actually make a plot to it. So keep a look out, because it's time to take it up to the next level!


Potential is there

You definitely have potential. :-) Only thing I would suggest at this point is to go with more shapes, you've got way too many circles and lines in this one - any other shape is fine in addition to circles & lines, but if you could forsake the plain circles & lines completely, I think you'd make some really rockin' shorts. Good luck, & welcome to the wonderful world of flash creation! :-)

RodentPrincessSakura responds:

Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate it. I know that it got really repetitive with the shapes, but I'm trying to figure out different ways of making the same shapes and symbols over and over again besides using the library. Right now, I'm working on two shorts that are going to be put together into one flash. It's going to look way more advanced than this one (a huge portion of that is because I will be using a higher fps) and I'm hoping that I don't fall on my face with it. Thank you once again. It's really helpful!


The lack of plot did not matter at all for me. It was entertaining enough for my taste. Well done

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For your first ever experiment in flash that was excellent. Very fluid. I can't wait to see what you'll be able to do when after some practise.

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It was pretty nice. It looks like it took a fair amount of time to make, and there was effort involved. I like that music and I think it was a nice choice for this flash and fits perfectly.

Most of it was rather bland, it needs more color. The actual drawings and stuff are pretty much just basic shapes and lines. All in all it was good, though.

For a first entry...

... this isn't bad. You seem to have the makings for a good Flash artist. I think all you need to do is put a little more time into figuring out all the little quirks of Flash and with each animation, you'll definitely get better. This was a good start, in any case, but that's all it really is: a start. Keep at it and I think you'll soon be putting out great material.

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2.32 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2007
11:00 AM EST
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