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MK: Arch-Rivals Collab

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Well here it is. After many hours of hard work, stress, and computer punching we finally came through and finished the collab. I honestly thought this project would be the death of me quite afew things were left out of the main project because we just couldn't use them without mesing everything else up (Yeury's part had lifebars that I had to take out because of some camera problems :'( ). I'd like to thank the animators for an awsome job on the collaberation efforts. We are very happy with our work and hope you enjoy. If you could reccomend to the Mortal Kombat Collab but thats just me being a no good dirty begger (lol). I finally know how hard it is to make collabs. Its not as easy as just cutting and pasting frames, as I thought it would be. Well stop with the reading and get with the watching and reviewing. If we get good reviews there might be another? I think the name "Arch-Nemesis" sounds good for a sequel.

WARNING LONG LOAD TIME! So go and get a drink. The load bar had some issues so you may want to wait one minute. Don't worry it still loads.

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Yeury's was better no offence.

Suprised me

Hey he has noob saibot in this usually in fan made MK games they dont have him

hey not bad!

it is a pretty cool movie u made


Scorpion,Sub-Zero,Rain,Reptile,do you think they are all family? Because they look all the same...I have some more suggestions for relatives:

Burner - Flame powers only! Fatality: Rip off arms,burn body,flame thrower. Color - Really Red

Extreme - Light powers+Light Energy Balls. Fatality: Eyeball light burn,rip out guts,eat enemy (lol). Color - White

Shit - Throws shit (lol!!!!) Fatality: Burning shit. Color - Brown

Slobber - Acid Spitter,tongue grab (Yes,a relative to the Smoker in L4D) Fatality: Monster transformation,eat brain,guts,heart,intestine. Color - Yellow-Green

Freeze - Sub-Zero powers,the brother of Sub-Zero. Fatality: Same as Sub-Zero. Color - Sky Blue/Infinite Dark Black

Uniform - Copy-Cat,change characters,stun punch/kick. Fatality: Extreme super punch/slice n' dice. Color - All

Frag - Clone-suicide bombers,dual burst punch,round house kick into floor. Fatality: Throws grenade,eats grenade and suicide bombs (counts as a loss+win). Color - Dark Green

Bones - Punch,kick,stab,throw,smash,stun punch. Fatality: Break arms,Throws skull and punches off enemy's head. Color - Grey

Boner - Dick hit,dick rape,BJ. Fatality: "EAT MY DICK". Color - Human Skin Color

Those are all of them,thanks....

SCROPIAN or however you spell it