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-Spirit Guide-

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Bug fixes: Music doubling, suicidal spirits, unembedded fonts on time/count

Turns out a lot of you have your screen brightness set really low, since there have been quite a few reports of not being able to see the next/skip buttons in the intro, even though they're bright grey on my screen. I've lightened them even more, so everyone should see them.

Hundreds of tiny souls are trapped in an evil mansion and it's up to you to guide them to freedom! The souls will follow your mouse as best they can, moving into formation when you command them. Lead them through traps, pitfalls and more to safety. The more souls you save, the higher your score, but the clock is ticking too...

Our first game writen in ActionScript 3! Be warned, its pretty intense on the computer, so be sure to set the quality lower if you see any slowdown.

-Dim and Tom-

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Wah, it's so cute! Wonderful idea, too. I love the music. The formations are fun. It's pretty difficult at times, but the little soul fragments are so cute! I'm sad every time some fall, though. :'( Great game. n.n


this is my kind of game! ^,..,^

Good game.

I love the feeling of being a leader, this game does just that. The textures and the concepts are fun, the obstacles and the ideas of formations are original and I love the music. Good game!

great original game

really pretty hard with the time limit, at least for me. lol. loved it though!!

nice concept

The game is very original and cute, but the bad frame rate and the impossibly hard timer in the tutorial level drag this game down a bit.
Also it's too short, too few levels.