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Author Comments

Well, the animation is pretty self-explanatory...I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. I respond to literally every review, so if you feel the need to constructively praise or criticise it in any way, feel free to do so.

Oh, and for all of you Americans that are literate enough to read words as well as look at pretty images, a charver is basically an amalgamation of a jock and a "gangsta", only they don't have guns. Yet.

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good choice in music and good choice in characters = good animation

fulham89 responds:

Hehe, many thanks NikNak for the review...

Over again Astonished

Killed a kid on a pink bike, owned emos, AND cut down the Americans... Wow, batting a thousand sir. Animation was pretty good a few blocky spots but really not affecting the overall idea. Music was done well thank (insert character here). I've heard to many movies that try to use sound clips and slaughter them. Thanks again.

fulham89 responds:

As you can probably guess by now, I'm not a fan of pointless sub-cultures...unfortunately, I had some problem drawing arms whilst doing this, which confuses me even now - how could my arm-drawing have become so horrendous?

Thanks yet again for another brilliant review!

Visit sunny Meadowell, it's the UK's Disneyland!


In all honesty he could have just left Paranoid Android on and opened his windows, would have saved him denting his car. Then again that would be a little excessive even against charvers.

A great message, in a funny way.

Given the fact that this is a road safety message, you have portrayed it well, but at the same time in a humorous way. My initial thoughts on this was that it doesn't hold a very strong message due to the fact that it IS funny instead of serious. The main reason for this is that car accidents aren't funny, although this could be just years of messages biased a negative and serious way talking.

The overall animation was done well, you have put effort into little details to make the movie better illustrated. Also the car interior was drawn with enough detail that you could see exactly what was going on, which was a great plus in your case. I loved how the noose come down in that suicidal song too.

There were a few things that got me though, more on a real world type of view.

Firstly the window on the inside of the car, the front one especially you had drawn with a series of straight lines. I don't know if this was intentional or not but it would have looked much better drawn with a single curved line. Again a lot of the other pieces of the car interior were drawn with straight lines, again they would have all benefited. Also another little note on the front drivers window, it wasn't really stretching as far forward as one in any car would, just a little something I picked up on.

Secondly, when he turns up the volume he turns it to the left. Personally I have never seen a system, in any circumstances from household amps to PA amps or car audio where the volume goes up when the knob is turned to the left. So that little issue kind of bugged me a bit as it would have been just as easy to animate it the other way.

Thirdly, when he steps out of the car initially he is on the passenger side of the car (being Britain). I understand he could have walked to that side but the way his reaction come up and the way he was standing next to the engine bay signified he had just stepped out.

Those are just a few that really stuck out at me. Overall the movie and animation was good but I would just make sure of little things like that in the future as they can really put a negative spin on a movie.

I agree with the prev post

The thought was nice but it did not come as a shock to me. You need to improve on your storyline. And also, look at yourself in the mirror without your shirt and study how the bones are connected and move. Unless the guy was a hunched back, it did not look very real. Just practice drawing human figures and you will get better. Hope this was constructive enough!

fulham89 responds:

The storyline was fine, it was meant to be short and a slight parody of the "Think!" adverts shown on UK television appliances. Thanks for the advice on the whole arms and limbs issues, I'll be sure to at least give those methods a fair shot.

Thanks for the constructive review!

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
12:21 PM EST