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This is the not-long awaited teaser trailer for The Adventures of T-man and Spritanium, a feature-length movie to be made in Flash. We expect it to be completed in about a year ("we" being Billding, Robbydude, and myself (the animators), but it may take even longer, as we are putting more effort into this Flash than any Flash movie we have made before it. This trailer doesn't have anything to do with the plot, which is why it's considered a "teaser". There will be more REAL previews along the way, as soon as we get more done. Until then, stay tuned and keep watching.


2009? COOL

2009? you mean 2008 wow 2009 like 1 year 6 months


It was good it could have had more to it the animation was cool and i'd like to see this continued if you can :)

Dear God

Wow. Random. Pretty good. Freaked me out at the end. lol. I didn't find anything wrong with it... But, seriously. 2009?

Can't wait for it!

Looks awesome, but this flash didn't really say much about it apart from the name and the characters. And 2009? That's a long way off. I suppose I'll have to wait...

Spritanium responds:

Excuse me, but if you read the description you would understand. A teaser is a trailer that doesn't include any actual footage from the movie, but shows the characters doing a short skit, song, etc. In other words, we haven't actually started working on the movie. Heh...thanks for your support.


And short (I KNOW it's a trailer. Just commenting on length). But it did warrant a chuckle. Nice.

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Nov 6, 2007
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