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[2007] Voyager trailer

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The Voyager space craft was launched in 1977. It was only supposed to last 5 years but even today is still operating and drifting through space, nearing the edge of our solar system, the heliosheath. This takes place far in the future, when the voyager is so far from earth they can no longer communicate. This is kind of an experiment mixing old archival video and flash. I'm going to finish the entire 6 episode series and upload it once a week for six weeks.

(to my 8 fans,this is why Reboot 9 isn't done :P)

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This is some cool stuff, and you even add in the good music.


This was informative and fun to watch, i look forward to the next ones.

Yar - Space is Big

Something tells me I've seen this preview before on AIM. =P

Look forward to seeing it. What's the EPA of Reboot 9 now?

JMartin97 responds:

not sure im in college and have midterms.......sucks