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Starcraft Lurkers

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I have been trying to draw the models for these units but I really don't know how to accurately draw the units - I have vulture, dropship done (not top view, back view, angled view though) and side view of zergling, and still missing back view of marine, so I really need to find out how to get the models for the units, and I really suck at making them (I've almost been tracing them, and it takes me forever - I don't even know how I will start doing the protoss and other zerg units)

Anyways this my second animation enjoy

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i have a boatload of the 3D starcraft thingies! one of them is a lurker that you could google it called cglurprev its pretty accurate if you ask me and if you need others or stuff you can always pm me! anyways in order for this review to not get uselessed im saying that it could be alot longer!



For your second its good

this is actually not horrible animation, i'm just a reviewer so i couldnt do anything like this but comparing it to other animations, which it is my job to do it is ok at best, there was no story line, maybe if you do another one, include your own voice, give your characters their own personality. I'd like to see what you do next


dude it keeps starting over again

there's some potential there

but you need to keep workin on it, man.