Mouse Avoider 2008

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4/05/08 - Added Play button to preloader so there's time to show flash ads.

1/05/08 - Flash Ads has been added.

Practically every glitch in the game is fixed.


I made this game a couple of months ago but i stopped doing it for some reason.

Now I've finished it off and added lots of things!

If You Do Find A Way To Cheat!
Good for you. But cheating is for noobs! Ur not a noob are you?
But I have fixed some of the cheats and glitches so noobs cant cheat XD
If you do find any other glitches please tell me.

Whatever you do, do not click during the game. Right or Left.

Now go play! And enjoy.

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You can still cheat.

Good Anti-Cheat

You designed it well, and blocked all but one of the cheating methods I know. If I make the screen windowed, then move the game to the bottom left corner of the screen, I can hit the windows key and use the start menu as a bridge to cross the level. I suggest a maximum speed for the cursor, rather than cursor.x = mouseX

i love mouse mazes.

and this was really good sept very glitched, there were a lot of safe zones plus you could warp all the walls if you move your mouse fast enough, i recomend using hitTest(this._x,this._y,true) and this._x+=Math.round(_root._xmouse-thi s._x)/10 and a higher frame rate, that way you wont be able to cheat easily. one of the main safe zones was on the red dot storm level where you could stay on the start to avoid getting hit and then warp the thin lines after collecting keys. But i commend you for your choose in music i love the song jerk it out. You actually helped me a lot, i had the tune stuck in my head for ages and couldnt find the song, it was driving me insane until i found the game i first heard it in (this one) and then found out the song. thanks and good game despite the glitches.

its rly cool but....

lvl 14 is rly rly ryy hard.i like chikens :P.


Level 6 is a fu*king bitch

Ryan094 responds:

Oh dear, you should maybe get better then.

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3.58 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2007
5:08 PM EST
Skill - Avoid