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Bowling Alley

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I kinda ended up putting more time into this than I originally planned.

A boy recounts a peculiar dream. Audio by Lemon Demon.

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How creative can you be?


Man this is amazing. I know I'm posting this comment way too late, but like, it's still amazing.

That was very odd, but also great. I had no idea this would be a music video. Then again, nothing rhymes. I was eager to see what this had to do with bowling. It finally came out at the very end. I appreciate the animation.

You are such a great artist! I knew the voice was familiar. It makes sense with Lemon Demon. It was a tad short, but still very creative. It had a lot of effort put into it.

Just a reminder: this is NOT YouTube. We do not leave comments here. We leave constructive critiques. <.< Anyway, this is pretty funny and relate-able. I know I have a lot of messed up dreams, and I don't do drugs either. The animation, direction, and audio quality are all great. I don't even know what I would add to it.