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ZTH Phoenix Wrong

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*EDIT* Thanks for lettin me know who it was in the 6th spoof everyone =)

Full name: Zork The Hedgehog's Phoenix Wrong (thats my other online alias ok)

Well what can I say, its my first proper flash movie and my first subission to Newgrounds, so Id thought I'd try my hands at a Phoenix Wrong flash, and its my first proper sprite flash movie as well...
so i hope you enjoy and vote fairly.
to check out my other sprite stuff, check out my sheeyart page at:
zork.the.hedgehog.sheezya rt.com

Scene Select coming soon

Audio used in order of appearance:

Phoenix Wright
Shrek 2
Monty Pythons Flying Circus
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Red Dwarf
Gabriel Iglesias
South Park
Billy Connelly: The Evil Scotsman

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Gabriel Iglesias FTW!

This made me laugh my ass of, and thank you for using my all time favorite stand up comedian. Maybe you should try using Stephen Lynch too. He is a musical comedian and I think could work perfectly if you found the right song.

I gave this submission a vote of "3"

P.W. is getting ollllllddddd fasttt!!!
Good movie thought!
Just try to be more creative and add more humour next time!

megamansupreame20 responds:

I know this is kind of a late response and all, but I know what you mean, its just Its kinda hard to find sound clips that are 1: good quality 2: Havent been used yet and 3: Are funny, so yeah, when I make my next one, Ill try and make it a lot better.

gabriel iglesias

thats numbah six

another great Phoenix Wrong

Awesome work!!! number 6 is Gabriel Iglesias... keep it up looking forward to the next one

aaaahhhh, just what I needed! :)

one word: HILARIOUS!!!

I was freaking doing the "rock out" hand symbol!