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Edd Egg - Emo

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EDIT: Hurrah for daily top 5 - many thanks people!

Edd Egg and Red (the fly of hate) go to see the emo band, Drowned Rat. Some gothy types recommend the warm-up act.

This was an early Edd Egg Animation made in August 2007.

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@gabriel995 - The devil thought their suffering would be eveen WORSE if they lived, so he brought them back.


if they commited suicide how can there be a sequal

great but..

I liked it overall. I dont like emos either but not all goths are downers. Im proud to say i consider myself part of the gothic community and i am nothing like this guy. Overall accurate about the views of some emos standing up for bands if they think that are "Creative, independent, noncommercialized genius." very nice and funny

Hahahaha Spot on!

Man I can't believe this was made almost 4 years ago. Crazy to see how far this series has come from ranting about whiny emo kids. And personally I always liked it when they tell emos to stop being such pussies ya know> Well anyway great movie and I'mma try to watch more of your episodes. You keep up the good work man!

Goth stereotypes suck >=(

Every emo/goth/scene friend i've made and every emo/goth/scene person i've dated are awesome, not suicidal >_>