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SG - A Dream Come True

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Author Comments

my dream has finally come true! a group that can care for one another without being critisized on how well you animate! i mean, although we are a Flash Crew, some well respected members do not even animate for us! Anyone can be respected in the SHADES GANG and I hope this flash explains it.

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it was totaly incredible, GREAT!!!! i raelly liked it, cause not only the meaning was good, not only the drawings where good, but also the true meaning of forming a group is true, and very nice. also very good! it inspires on WHAT groups really should stand with. and for what reasons they must saty and fight. for their rights to exist!so you showed that you must be just a good member, not raelly someone with a special skill, because everyone is special! for whatever he makes, no matter how small he is. cause all people are good, at some stuff. i hope that in the future, we can still talkk about the shades gang, and i hope it will keep up, until then. and for


Glad to see you guys are making more movies, but i haven't been featured in one! but anyways, good job!


suppa shades: the douchebag LMOA also IM IN THE MOVIE :D!


I liked it

That was BAD man.

I 1'd this. It's incredibly simple, with no animation whatsoever. Just a white background, and bad drawings of all the members. Especially mine, wow, that was awful! It didn't even look like me man! Cape needs to be GREY, letters need to not be GAY SQUARES, and the Douche bag award should be going to the queer who puts out a throwaway animation every week (CouphLampShadesCouph)! Really Lamp, we need to work on these animations! We don't need overly dramatic speeches on how great we are, we need to PROVE how good we are with an animation that's better than all the crap we have had out since the beginning! The only animation I have seen in this group that is GOOD, is AxeShades few animations, which were very good in almost every way! Lamp, if you want to lead the Shades Gang, you need to do something significant and work more then five minutes on an animation. I probably will get banned for this, but I'm just speaking my mind. And if you don't agree, I wont give a crap, I can say whatever the deuce I want about this right now. This also better not be deleted like the last time I gave a piece of my mind to you, it needs to be said!