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Candy Catch!

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Happy Halloween Newgrounders!

In this game, your objective is to collect as much candy as possible. Each piece of candy is worth different amounts of points.. There are also, as their are candy pieces that will gain points, there are also objects you have to dodge. You move around by pressing the right and left arrow keys. Right goes right and left goes left.

I apologize for the late submitting time. We've experienced alot of problems due to wrong coding and problems within the .fla file. I had to submit it atleast. Hope you enjoy it for what it's worth.

Report any bugs in comments or through PMs. Thank you.
(run at low-quality the game lags a bit)

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Juego olvidado

A little slow, but fun.

I'm not entirely a fan of catch the falling things games, but that aside you did a good job :D
The only problems are that it's a little boring without special graphics or sound effects when something happens. You also seem to move kinda slowly, which makes it more difficult but a little frustrating almost. Perhaps speed things up and have a little sparkly effect when you catch candy? :D

=3 XD

Me likey.

Rudy responds:

Hah, awesome.


I think I did pretty good... With taht being said its good to play a halloween themed game, I missed it. So here it is e-trick or e-treating. The graphics were good along with the gameplay.
!emaG eciN

Rudy responds:

It's nice to know someone enjoyed it. Thank you. I strongly appreciate it.

Well executed but nothing ground breaking

The animation work is easy on the eyes and the game play is air tight, but it isnt anything new. I still think its a good game its just something thats been done before.

Rudy responds:

Yeah, I understand. Thanks though.

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2007
10:57 PM EDT