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look. this is a security game. if you cheat, remember: it's YOU thats miss the fun. good luck
watch, then vote. vote fair and PLEASE leave a review!!!
oh. for controls and goal click instructions when the game is loaded.
it's fully possible, it's only may get hard. you gotta be quick.
check out my other submissions too.


Very hard game.

The game was pretty hard but why couldn't I get past the blue thing? If it was smaller I might be able to get past there but aside from that it was still a pretty hard game. An eaiser pre-level would be pretty nice as well.

chere up

i voted ten to chere you up xD

sebbeshs responds:

uuuhuh. Ok Thanks XD

Needs glitches fixed

The games concept would be a fun one but their a lot of glitches that need fixing. i think everyone else has adressed them already, but dont think it means the game is awful, it just needs to be patched.

sebbeshs responds:

yea, it's because i am bad at AS.

theres a glitch

u get stuck out side guess that means i beat it XD

sebbeshs responds:

no, you did'nt.

Needs a lot of work.

The police officer can see through walls, he seems to run to the end of the "Maze" and sit there forever, you can run through walls, you get stuck outside the maze...

If you submitted to get constructive criticism for an unfinished product, here it is.

Make sure at least the basics of your game work before a submission for improvement otherwise people will just say "It's broken. fix it."

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sebbeshs responds:

got it.

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2.08 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2007
3:47 PM EDT
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