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Burger Builder

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Build Burgers and work toward the DREAM of owning your own McDeath Burger. Click to drop ingredients in place and use spacebar to switch to the next ingredient. The better you build your burger, the more money you'll bring in.
Note: Inflated prices because large sums of money is cooler than chump change =D.
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For everyone who keeps saying "all you can do is put a patty on and thats it" please read "how to play" in the campaign menu, thx (or just what I wrote at the top of this).

Online rating system for Challenge Mode is up!!!!(whenever update registers)

More cool stuff at LeafWorthy.com

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Your promised 5 stars.

A fun little game with a pretty unique style. Worth playing for sure.

A very enjoyable game, more so than most. I would say it is better than pretty much any free web game and even better than some you'd pay for.

The gameplay confused me for a couple minutes because I wasn't pressing the space bar like I was supposed to. But overall this is a very fun game, even if everything except the basic burger and the hippie burger have cheese on them. :(

The campaign mode seems promising but the high score page is broken currently. When you try to submit a score it will just lead you to some generic landing page with links to dozens of "top games". Perhaps someone bought out that URL since this game was made?

Also the total amount of content is a bit low. But despite those gripes this is one of the better games on Newgrounds and I would recommend it if you want a game that is easy to get into and doesn't take too long to complete.

Unlike most "restaurant style" games in the same vain of hecticness as "Diner Dash", I've always found this one fairly relaxing. There's no rush, just take your time to get the placement of the burger patty and condiments in the right order. There's not too much to it, but it's still fairly enjoyable

i realy wanna eat it O.O