Heist II - Greed is Hell

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***Heist II - Greed is Hell***

EDIT #3: Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen...BAM! FRONT PAGE! I appreciate all of the kind words in each of the reviews, even the negative reviews were constructive criticism. Big thanks to Tom Fulp for front page and the people who voted & enjoyed it!

UPDATE #4: Many small bugs fixed. This isn't the BIG update with extra content & death-traps, but these fixes were a MUST & I considered them top priority (especially the death-trap happening multiple times in a row). Enjoy the game!

WARNING - Game is graphic intensive, if you are having framerate issues turn down the quality in the options menu at the title screen.

For walkthrough, right-click and choose "download walkthrough".

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*Point & click Adventure
*Random puzzles
*Save feature (not yet fully implemented)
*Panaramic scenery

GAME NOTE: The store will be updated with items as time permits. More death traps will be added as well. Until then, enjoy the game!

Game summary:
Heist II is the sequel to the original point n' click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. There are several ways to get yourself killed, and you will most likely figure this out the hard way. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences, these are instances in which the house throws a random death-trap your way, all of these requiring split-second reaction time with a click of a mouse or a stroke of a key. Death-trap react buttons are all arrow keys, space bar, and/or a mouse click. Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Money is behind every corner...see how much you can get out with! Get ready for yet ANOTHER exciting trip to hell :)

If you get stuck or have questions, right-click and choose "download walkthrough", this will bring you to the Heist II walkthrough.

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This game is a beautiful contradiction of the horror genre, but - the matches won't light up in the dark room. Seeing my mouse pointer instead of an in-game cursor on screen was irritating, but somehow it pulled me in the game more. This review would be 5 stars if the game was fully functional and the default death cut-scene was scarier.

I win the game and i win 550 dollars i go to the store and 0 dollars

The First Time I Played This I Shit my Pants No Joke!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This game, a far better improvement over the old one. But even if there a bit of nostalgia to this game, I have grown jaded, and cynical towards things, since my first time playing. I now find it being nothing more then a above average game, that try's to be good.

The only thing I really don't like are quick time events, including that space mashing one, damn thing took me 3 trys.

OzMafioso responds:

It's not perfect by any means. But it was never meant to be that... I made this game in an attempt to see how far I could push my then-self as a game developer and illustrator/animator. I also know, that even if it's just above average to you, there are many others who thought it was good. I just wanted to entertain, sorry you didn't care much for it, but I do appreciate your time to play and review my game :)

These reviews are pathetic, "I couldn't beat the game but it's great!" "I used up all my items and could not continue, but it's great!" "There are a million bugs, but it's great!" "When I start again after I die items are missing and I cannot complete the game - but it's great!" "I can never beat the traps and I lose the game, but it's great! "It has no replay value, but it's great!" "Doesn't save worth a damn, but it's great!" "Keys are missing or don't show up, but it's great!" "All my money disappears ta-da, but it's great!" Everybody's crapping or pissing themselves in fear - but it's great!" "I get stuck in scenes, but it's great!" "I can't play it without a walkthrough, but it's great!" "I'm too stupid to complete the game" no you're not, the 'game' is too stupid to complete. Really this could go on for a long time.

Let's face it, Heist II is visually better than Heist I, but the game play is still just as bad as Heist I. I suggest you fix the bugs in your games, have difficulty levels available and even an option to have unlimited lives. This way many people could actually complete your games, and that would really be great.

OzMafioso responds:

Holy shit bro... it's a fuckin web-based point n' click game. I haven't been here in years to check reviews, but when I login and see a somebody who has taken the time to read everybody's review and only spew out the bad you can find (half of the shit you just made up), it really irritates me and it sucks that people like you exist. I worked hard on this game and I'm proud of it :) I usually try to take the high road, but go fuck yourself lil buddy.

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4.30 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2007
8:53 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click