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Halloween 2007 - The Dark

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Animational Scripting, an experimental piece of progressive scenery for this year.

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Is... Is this randomly generated? My god that's clever. The music works well with how surreal it is, too.

Very cool. Stood the test of time so far!

- Deimos

Cyberdevil responds:

Yes indeed, it's a new movie each time you watch it. ;) Glad you liked it!

This was cool

This was cool, it had some cool music and it had some nice animation to go with all around it was a good entertaining flash, keep up the good work

Nothing as i thought it was as good as is

A neat design animation


Cyberdevil responds:



I liked this one; it was cool. The animation was very smooth and the music was good as well. The graphics were pretty good too and the varying line thicknesses worked well here. Overall, a simple, but great, Hallowe'en submission.

~ Z

Cyberdevil responds:

Thank You!

great work

this is really impressive

Cyberdevil responds:

Thank You!

Weird Organic Stuff

Lol the things seems organic, literally. Growing out, sprouting out was a bit creepy. Though I'm not too sure if it was an approperite background. darker one? maybe white, then the red comes in blood like? that's just me though.

Cyberdevil responds:

Sound like a good idea, maybe I'll try that next year. :) Thanks for your opinions!!