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Pumpkin Patch of Horrors

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Author Comments

Since this is coming out before the series, I should explain the storyline.
Smiles buys a shirt at a garage sale and washes it in with his roommate Josh's dead grandmother's ashes, bringing it "back to life". Later he finds out it was actually a shirt from a mail-order in the Necronomicon, and it belongs to the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep.
This is my entry for the Newgrounds Halloween contest 2007, as well as a teaser for the series.
Happy Halloween, Enjoy!

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it is based in a film, but i cannot remmeber the complete name=P

Tobunshi responds:

"Little Shop of Horrors", it was actually a musical play before it was a movie. Hey, you posted this comment on my birthday! ;P


hail azathoth my friend, hail azathoth.


Man! I've been waiting to see this since..well,yesterday. XD I love it! Yus.

Meng, you sit down

When I hop in the tub you're going to wash my butt. YOU SHOULD HAVE USED MY ENDING, BROTHER! SQUIRRELS EAT PUMPKINS!
As a religious man this offends me.

Tobunshi responds:

bagger, please.


that was great! can't wait for the series. good work!