Halloween Heroes 2007

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Hey Newgrounds. First submission here, for the Halloween Contest. Spent just about every evening this month working on this.

This animation isn't at all related to the "Halloween Heroes" that was submitted last year. I didn't even know it existed until I tried to upload w/o the "2007" and got the "someone's got this title already" message.
Now that that's cleared up...

A boy has some Halloween adventures fighting bad guys by becoming his costume and being awesome.

Reviews would be much appreciated. Enjoy!



This is freakin amazing!!! This guy's my roomate and his animations blow my mind. *Sigh* Wish I could do this kinda thing... Keep up the sweet work!

Well done!

Excellent Flash you got here sir!
Your animations skills are great, even though you could use a bit of better drawings! The song suits the animation perfectly and I like how you synched the crashing dish with the drums. It's a pity most of the audience here is blind for anything without blood and/or Mario.
Keep up the good work!

FuzzySneaker responds:

aah, pity indeed. thanks!


Much better than I expected. Although graphics could've been a bit better, I think it deserves 5/5.

FuzzySneaker responds:



This animation is a really nice little piece... Really well thought out by an obviously experienced animator.
I really liked the smooth character motion and the simple designs.

One TINY criticism, though, and it really is a tiny one. When he's walking alone through the big, bad, scary streets of the town, I noticed that he was actually taller than most of the building's doors, which gives the connotation that he is comfortable, confident and unafraid, which I don't really think was your intention.
As a director, I would have been more inclined to use big, tall, scary doors which dwarf the character and make him seem alone and afraid.

Like I said, it's a tiny criticism, but something that I noticed.
Anyway, for your excellent piece of work, I give nine stars.

FuzzySneaker responds:

aaahaha yeah, good call on the doors. thanks!


that was the shiznit
it was well worth the effort
amazing and the song fits very well

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3.30 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2007
8:39 AM EDT
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