Fish Out Of Water 2

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With the success of the Anti-Aquatic Suit© we now look at ways to assist the Fish-King and his fish people with walking on land.

This is the sequel to Fish Out Of Water. A short animation by Owen B. (Mr. Lamppost) demonstrating the use of the Anti-Aquatic Suit, a breakthrough in ocean to terronautic technology, allowing fish to breathe water on the surface. That animation can be found here: http://mrlamppost.deviant art.com/art/Fish-Out-Of-W ater-30788678

My animation covers three innovative and scientific ways for fish to traverse the earth, whether by land or sky. Presented by his majesty, the mighty Fish-King, we hope you will enjoy this presentation. ^_^

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You know fish can walk out of the water and evolve.
To many horrible things about this I can't describe.

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

I think you'll find that God gave the fish the technology to walk this land. By God, I mean his holiness King of the Fish.

OK, I suppose

To be honest, I couldn't really find anything particuarly good or bad about it. I would've liked it if the animation was a lot more complex although the colors were fine. It could've used music in the beginning definitley. I guess it's just a pretty harmless thing, not meant to be offensive, but I do suggest you try harder next time.

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Geez, it's nearly three years old, and I churned it out in two days since I was on a tight schedule. Mind you, I got my degree course with this piece, so I think it went better than even I thought it would.

Dude, no music in the beginning? Who cares? It's a projector sound, because the picture is starting, you know? Complex? Fish don't actually do this. It was set up as a short documentary piece. Watch "Duck and Cover" and maybe you'll see where I was going with this. It's a parody of 30's documentary.

All in all, thanks for the five, even though I believe you were unfair in many areas.

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2007
3:16 AM EDT
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