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I decided to put together a pack of all of my unfinished movies that run at 30 frames per second. (I usually animate at one of three framerates: 20, 24, or 30.) It turns out that 30 is the one I use the least, at least out of the FLAs on this computer. (I animate on two different computers because I'm just that awesome.) This pack contains:

Taiek Ovar Tha Muen (AKA 30minutes.swf. Animutation.)
Drunken Cheeseburgers (Worst title ever... it's another animutation thing)
Duck.fla tribute thing
uh.fla (I don't know what this was supposed to be)

Taiek Ovar Tha Muen is by far the best thing in this pack, so if you only want to watch one thing in this, watch that.

The music in each part is:
Taiek Ovar Tha Muen: DJ Toxa Kolbasin - 30 Minutes
Drunken Cheeseburgers: ??? - Eine Muh, eine Mäh
Duck.fla tribute: Green Peas Young - Young Rooster's Song (fourth time I used that song in a flash)
uh.fla - Terrorgruppe - Mein Skateboard ist wichtiger als Deutschland (or something like that)

So... if you like this (which probably nobody will), watch the portal for more packs of my unfinished stuff! And if you want me to actually finish one of these movies, just tell me and I might maybe possibly do it if I get enough requests or I stop being lazy or something like that..

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Stupid, but not random enough for me.