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The RRC-Reviewers Collab

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Author Comments

Do you think your newest flash is under appreciated? Do you want more reviews for it? Well then check out the Review Request Club! At the RRC we dedicate ourselfs to reviewing flash movies and audio right here on NG!

If you would like to request reviews for your flash's/audio or become a reviewer follow this link!

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/483448

This a collab made by the members of the Review Request Club. This was originally started around Febuary 2007, before the redesign(which explains why 2 of the parts are outdated). I offered to ressurect it and I managed to. There isn't realy a topic besides reviewing.

Enjoy, I respond to all reviews.

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Decent Collab

Lol, if you guys ever make another one of these, I will make a part, drop me a PM. Anyways, this Flash pretty good. I didn't really understand Abs55's contribution, it was basically just him scrolling down a page. Milinko's was pretty funny, but I think Imacow's was the funniest overall, even though I didn't get what was happening. Where was VictoryGin's part?

There were also some small problems, such as, on the authours page, when you press the 'Back To Main Menu' button, it sends you back to the pre-loader. This isn't really a big deal though. Overall, a pretty decent collab. Cool idea, keep it up!

~ Z

Imacow responds:

Hey Frenzy, I dunno if the RRC is making a new collab. I haven't been there in too long :( ,there were a few problems with the menu. I had a hard time trying to put all the parts and menu together for this when I revived it.


yeah....I came here from milinkos page....LOL.....its pretty good collab.....lol....
who is responding to this...I think its Imacow right?

ok well good job......push new reviewrs here so they can learn how to be best reviewers..LOL

~Review Request Club~....(really...not fake)

Imacow responds:

Thanks, I am responding.

Enjoyed the vibe.

I really liked the vibe of this. The music was polished and both rhythm and melody were solid. A nice sorta midnight spanish bar vibe.

There wasn't any particularly great animation, but at the same time nothing let it down. You all knew what you were capable of and played it safe.

I found the 'plot' of the movie a bit confusing. Though I'd been told the plot when the collab first started, watching it was an odd experience. It took 3 watches to be able to read up to the 'responses(0) bit' and the last line of the movie, 'spoken' by you was unintelligible to me. It was a surprise, as I'm sure you intended it to be.

It's great to see the more active members coming together to make this. I'd have liked to be part of it and wish I hadn't had PC problems over the past 6 months but oh well.

I actually really liked how the style was fairly constant - apart from the author's names, no stylistic changes really screamed that a different author was taking charge.

I'm not sure if the movie would encourage me to review/request if I didn't already. I mean the movie itself is a little obscure and doesn't even explicitly explain the club. Thankfully you've added the spoken part that clearly says what it's all about and just getting the word out (even if it's only 420 views) is a good job. More clubs should have movies made.

Imacow responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

The-Review-Cometh did a good job on the audio, it fit better than I thought it would.

Realy? I never thought anyone would take the time to read all that =3

The last line was "Seriously, at the RRC we review that fast". Yeah, most of the people never made parts so there was originally a plot.

Uhhuh, when I was assembling the collab all I could think of was that everyone would have no idea what it was about. Luckily Abs55 had done that intro thing so I used it.

Thanks for the review, Bez.

Good flash.

Suppose it was good to promote your club, i understand that many people do want to. Good flash, does tell people what to do and so on, and loved it all.

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review.

Pretty Neat

I thought the idea of this was very good, for a bunch of members who review flash to get together and make a collab, I also think that each parts links well and the music does fit in with the flash. The ending wasn't too expected but pretty cool though a voice actor would have made it a little better in some way.

As with most collabs, the style differs from part to part, but I don't think there was any that stood out as being the best or worst here, they had flow with each other and the menu for this was nice, though some of the animation and art could be improved a little, it's more that idea that got me here. A nice collab and fitting sound, good job.



= Review Request Club =

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review. Yea I could have done a VA for it but I didn't bother to.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2007
5:14 PM EDT