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Bunny Fight!

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This is my first fully made Flash movie ever to be put on Newgrounds so I think it is alright for my first. I've looked over, changed, and rebult it so many times as I've learned more about Flash and gotten better at animation.

The idea of it all just started off with the idea of making my voice lower, and having a bunny say something you would not expect. Kinda lame, but then I thought I might as well add to it. I can actually make a better video than this (with the storyline and everything) because this is just the idea of me about 6 months ago and the animation/visual of me now.

Just to let you know, this isn't my first attempt at flash. When I first got it, I was in that "Stick Drawing" stage, but I didn't stay there long. I soon tested out and experimented with tons of little (about 2-30 seconds long) videos or games. Most of which sucked, but that helped hone my animation abilities.

So the main summary, is that I guess this is some sort of game in the woods. Sort of like "Super Smash Brothers" as you will see in the end. 5 players fighting in a forest trying to defeat the other by any way they know how... any.

It isn't the most "professional" sounds for people, but please take note that this is for comedic reasons (ha). Also, when you pause the movie, some sounds or animations may continue for a few seconds because thats the way I animate. Sorry!

The song "Morning" is a popular song and I'm not sure who made it. I think it might be Edvarg Grieg but I might be wrong. I also heard somewhere that he's dead, so I can really say he has a username on NG or a website of any kind.

I'm very excited about how this movie is going to do going through the portal, but I accept all criticism and thanks for watching!

-Flaming Fish "Burning my way through the fish stacks of life!"

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Very good flash movie. Great job

Good, considdering I was the one that first saw it

You probably dont remember me but I am Alex Conrey, from the US (remember HEINEMAN?) So anyways, great movie, YOU NEED TO DO MORE!

Flaming-Fish responds:

Yo, I remember you. Don't worry. Try not to use your full name though. Lol Thanks, I'm glad I finally got a movie onto here. I'm so bored..


Very good, and kirby wins! earned my vote with it!

Very good for a first flash

It looks like you know how to animate, which is more than can be said for most of the stick figure drawing noobs out there. If you want some constructive criticism though, try speeding things up a bit. Many people (myself included) are very impatient and we want a cartoon to get straight to the point. A long drawn out intro sequence (aka, anything more than 2 seconds) will really hurt your odds of someone actually watching it. Anyway, nice animation, but way too slow paced.

Flaming-Fish responds:

Thanks! Comments like these really make me want to be better and improve on my work. I see what you mean now about the intro and storyline. When I looked back on the movie after I submitted it, I thought "there's something missing" but now I see. If I would do it again, I'd probably focus more on the actual fighting and stuff rather than the little details (like how the rabbit pees. Think about that...).
Once again thanks!

This is going to be on front page!!!

I loved it, great sound, great plot, great comedy. and what's even more is that it is your first flash EVER. Good job! Make more. =P

Flaming-Fish responds: