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Gimme Candy

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This Halloween themed project was originally intended to be included in the Halloween games collab but I could not finish it in time so I got it sponsored by flashninjaclan.com instead.

The goal of this game is to collect as much candy as you possibly can. To get candy you must beat up the trick-or-treaters. But watch out the trick-or-treaters will not give up their candy without a fight. Collect as much candy as you can from the trick-or-treaters before they beat you to a pulp.

At 0+ kills level 1 enemies appear
At 10+ kills level 2 enemies appear
At 35+ kills level 3 enemies appear

Controls: AWD to move
Spacebar to attack

This game features a highscore table so just try to get the top score.

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Good Game

Could have used a little more diversity as far as the enemies, but the easy controls and straight foward goals made up for it.

nice 1

lol i liked the brown m&ms

i liked it

but boost the fps at least 5 notches... :)


too easy at first the it ssudenly gets to hard the graphics need to improve and custimisable character

No charm

Why were all the trick-or-treaters the same? An M'n'M? Also, why'd they appear to be generic adults? If I'm going to treat snatch, I'd like some little kids who act genuinely shocked and grieved when their candy is snatched from them. Some crying, wailing, and abuse of vulnerability, please.

I did like the way the hero ran.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2007
4:13 PM EDT