-=- Windows ABC - SP2 -=-

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EDIT: Windows Mista's been posted! ;-)

Yes, another simulator here on Newgrounds. However, this has been tuned to try to look and act like Windows XP in style and interactivity. Before you ask, there IS a password to the Matty account. Keep seraching!

Recommend for Windows collection? :-)

-=- Updates-=-

-Raised to 30 fps so the windows won't slip your cursor while dragging and so the kill animation won't lag the sound.
-Added Google search .

-=- Features -=-

- Draggable windows
- Taskbar
- Clock
- Paint
--- Colours (Matty user only)
--- Brush sizes (Matty user only)
- Pong (Matty user only)
--- Different Difficulties (Matty user only)
- Internet with Google search (Opens pop-up)
- Control Panel (Matty user only)
- Media Player (Matty user only)
- Word
--- No annoying paperclip
- And more

-=- The BAD list -=-

- A few bugs (still)
--- Please report ones you find ;-)
- "My Computer" Taskbar icon on Guest doesn't fit right
- Matty account has a guest start menu
- 2 icon in the taskbar (Matty user) don't work
- Clock gets confused if the system clock is disabled
- Searching on Google doesn't bring up a pop-up, instead it loads it in the current window

I'm making a Windows Vista version at the moment now (it looks much better than this), so expect more!


just to tell you guys that the password for matty account is "Matty2"

if this works, thanks

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Good game. This is a really great parody with lots of hilarious errors and gags.

A few bugs/mistakes that I found:
-The timer in the pong game counts fast, you know. A few seconds goes by every half second or so.
- When you're using the Matty user, clicking on Paint on the Start menu gives you the Paint: Guest Mode error. Clicking OK does NOT open the Paint app. Sometimes it opens the app in guest mode. (Oh, and by the way, you spelled "guest" wrong in the error.) When you're the Guest user, clicking on Paint on the Start menu gives you the Paint: Guest Mode error. Clicking OK opens the app, but when you exit it, the error shows up AGAIN.
- In the Window error for Microsoft Word, "brilliant" is misspelled.
- Clicking search on Internet Explorer does NOT open in new window.
- Opening My Computer on Start menu opens the app, but it shows up on the taskbar. Clicking on it opens the My Computer window. (One time, I clicked on My Computer on the taskbar and it moved. THAT IS WEIRD, ROFL!) The second time you open My Computer on the start menu, it does not show the window.
- In the Messenger Send an instant message error, "instant", "unfortunately", and "destroy" are misspelled.

Noice, buddy! LOLz!!! XD

Good Game I love it!

What's the Matty user password?

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theres a hilarious glitch on pong where if you hit the ball with the side of your block it goes into the wall and teleports up and down... dont patch

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3.69 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2007
6:02 PM EDT
Simulation - Other