Emo Kids

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Hey there, how are you?
Wow I'm so happy to finally submit my first movie (32 hours of work) to NG.
There are many features inside I hope you will like them.

BTW the credits are not the end of the movie...
I hope the Emo guys won't get offended 'cause it's all just a joke...
Special thanks to:
Max-Pain for helping me out.
God for making this a reality.
Sasuke for being Emo. (XD)
(c) KKING1 Productions 2007

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Still a goddamn motherfucking classic. This just brings back good old memories of my childhood emo hatred. Remember when this first came out, loved every second of it and still do. Just fucking hysterical, I still love looking at all the Emo comments, some of it is completely retarded, like people trying to tell you the meaning of Emo (Which by the way derives from Emotionally Unstable, in medical terms, not from the word "emotional" alone or a type of music, art or culture to begin with. All of that stems from the stereotypes and satire of the emotionally unstable.) I'm still laughing my ass of at it 7 years on.

I almost forgot it existed but now I can enjoy it all over again. Funny how I used to hate Emos, now I'm largely considered Goth/Punk/Emo/Whatever by others. I don't hate Emos no more, but it's still funny and people need to learn how to take a joke, I mean seriously.

Now I'm off to go read and laugh at all the reviews from Emos.

KKING1 responds:

Lol Glad to hear that :D

3:the animation is good..but I can't understand why the hell you used this song as there

KKING1 responds:

I agree what was I thinking?!

ummmmm ok nice song i speak jap

KKING1 responds:

ummmmm ok who cares?!

I can't even understand the song! wtf!?

KKING1 responds:

Its in japanese you MOFO!

IDIOTS!!!! EMO means Emontional Motivated Output !!! that what emo means!!!

KKING1 responds:

Ha Ha Ha! you are the IDIOT HERE! for comment here without any relevant notes!

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2007
1:22 PM EDT
Music Video