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Cannon Chaos

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Author Comments

EDIT: Cannon Chaos 2 is now available! *** http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/577727 ***

Welcome to Cannon Chaos.

Aim with your mouse, left-click or spacebar to shoot (Mac's are only compatible with spacebar shooting). 'Q' to toggle Quality, 'M' to toggle Music.

Destroy an endless onslaught of tanks with your base turret, you get points depending on the tanks you destroy, when you are defeated you will be able to submit your score to the high scores.

There are 26 unique levels, the last one will repeat from level 27 onwards, once you reach level 27 every new level the enemies will become stronger and stronger until you can no longer defend against them.
There are 8 enemy types: Light Tank, Twin Light Tank, Medium Tank, Rapid Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Stealth Tank, Nuclear Tank, Artillery.
You are able to purchase various upgrades between levels, which are all priced in points. 'Radar' is used to help detect stealth tanks, the 'Laser Fence' slowly damages any enemies which gets close, 'Reinforced Armor' absorbs 10% of the damage inflicted on your turret, 'Recoil Adjustments' increase the speed of a fired projectile by 10%. Power and Reload upgrades are both available to purchase for your turret and Auto Turrets, you may purchase up to 2 Auto Turrets which may only be upgraded to half of your damage, these automatically target the closest tank and shoot at them (they do not influence your accuracy).
You may also play a "Custom Scenario" where you control everything, What you start with, the amount of tanks per level, the stats of your turret and auto turrets, attacking enemies, and their stats.

Please enjoy.

Cannon Chaos Created By: Bryce Knoblauch (http://www. godlygamer .com/)

*** Due to people not reading the Credits I'll say it here:
Music from: "Command & Conquers Generals ZERO:HOUR" (Electronic Arts) ***

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I love this game.

This game is amazing. Endless entertainment & I could play this for a few hours (I did play it for a few hours lol) and the customization is awesome too. The side-turrets are weak if you don't have the money to upgrade them, but other than that, it's a brilliant game.