Decision 08-Democrats

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10/27/07: Survived the Portal!
10/27/07: Submitted Version 1.0.

OK, I know it's not technically a "game," but it IS an interactive application that requires much more
mouse usage than just a movie.

This is just a brief overview of the upcoming Democratic Primaries in the US.
I threw together a quick background music track to accompany it.

Since you liked this enough to protect it, I'll try to improve it; then, I'll also try to make another, similar Flash for the Republican Primaries. (Just to be fair.)

Thanks for watching.



John Edwards? He's my senetor? Ha... cool. Don't no much about polotics but this is pretty good info.

Well thats nice to know

So you made this to inform fellow Newgrounders (yes i just made that up) about the 2008 elections...well i wont blam you for that,

Its just unusual for something to be posted like this on newgrounds...i mean if it was like BATTLE OF THE 2008 NOMINEES.. That would be a cool game..haha..

So go make it! I'll allow you to steal my idea...and you only lol.

I'm not too worried about who our next president

is going to be, I'm just glad bush's dumb ass is out.

I hate Dems.

But in all truth, it just wasn't a very good game. Actually, it wasn't a game at all. If I were you, I'd spice it up a bit.

zx .zvcj

you need to use some animation and more art...

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Oct 27, 2007
4:38 PM EDT
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