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5 Halloween Chips-Chip 2

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Hey Newgrounds!
I spent about six weeks on each episode, so i hope you guys are ready for some amazing flash entertainment! Today is CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

# Potato chips, a snack food made from potatoes, known as crisps in many Commonwealth countries. They are a popular, light and crunchy snack.
# Tortilla chip, a snack food made from corn tortillas
# Corn chip, a snack food made from corn
# Banana chips, deep fried or dried slices of banana covered in honey or sugar.
# Chocolate chip, small chunks of chocolate, used for making chocolate-chip cookies, among other things


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Six Weeks or Six minutes?

TO me it doesn't seem like you did much...you took the loading thing, added a song and some boring loop. *claps slowly* Nice job there on that one, Just kidding.
Start making another one...

No really, come back with something more thougth threw.


not too entertaining, the music was ok but I think there needs to be something going on in the background and maybe have the food dirty dance with each other while drinkin crystal.


Is it supposed to just keeping looping? It wasnt that entertaining.. sure the music was alright but idk it wasnt that interesting..
Maybe if a bunch of cookies started break dancing or something it would be better.