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This is the short that was produced in 2007 l, its vary strong and adult content and shows the horrors of human trafficking if you are easly offended please dont watch this

NOTE: Im getting alot of criticism about this which i don't mind, but this is certantly not and will never be hardcore porn, im not that type of person and dont want to violate any rules, i will stress this again if you are easily offended please do not watch this vid!!!



this is something amazing, i love what you did with this you managed to take a core subject and make people stand up and listen, ill tell you something though it is disturbing, it made me cringe alot and ive seen alot in this place

bbay responds:

that was the whole point of this flash to make people understand the wose of human trafficking its something real and something interesting


take this to youtube

What The Fck

This isnt a flash submision you idiot. This is a clip...you submit cips to youtube not new grounds! -_- go away

bbay responds:

dude seriously is that all you want to say about this, nothng about the message that the vid promotes, i seriously think you need to grow up and stop spamming on peoples reviews sheesh!!

I hope this doesn't get blammed

A shocking but much needed message.
Its great that you are getting this out, and I hope that lots of people see it. I'll vote five every day so it makes the lists and people might see it.

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bbay responds:

Thanks, i hope people see this too its an important message and it needs to be made, i dont agree with human trafficking and believe that its happening everywhere and really is something people need to understand it wont go away

Watch 'til the end

I was about to blow the whistle when the point you are trying to get across began to happen, but this all came together really well, and it's good that the movie came across so bluntly, it really puts emphasis on your point. Good job.

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bbay responds:

Thanks, i hope more people see it that way, i saw alot of the mature vids on this site before i decided to post this, due to its agressive nature i wanted to make sure that it was the right thing to do, but im glad that you like it nal1200 and hope more like you get to see it

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2.69 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
7:53 PM EDT
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