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Edible Castle #3

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Hey, thanks for watching our 3rd little Edible Castle episode. This one's my favourite to date, so i hope you all enjoy it! PS.. points for anyone who can find 3 characters who have all graced the Newgrounds Portal in this short.

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They mistook children for demons? Hilarious, but it will never happen in reality.

I admit the joke was a little predictable. I mean, it's obvious what they do with dragons. I like the idea of them eating fairies. Well, maybe they just kill them. I like the animation style. It was cool to see them dressed as Newgrounds characters.

You made murdering children quite funny. Loved the ballerina joke. It's hilarious how they knew about Halloween. The conversation in the beginning was funny too. Angels are nice.

more like pico tankman and orange clock

i found the characters!

1st of all... i feel so sorry for the kid at the end! 2nd of all? the characters are Tankman, Blockhead, and Pico.


This, my friends, is why you should always wear armour for Halloween.