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Tamugaia.com presents Huntloween! Play as Stevie, Marc or Bear. Fight through lots of shadow people and shadow enemies to save Halloween.

Shadow people may not be a popular legend of Halloween, but shadow people are something like ghosts that often spook people and I myself have seen some. Really spooky.

This game is not a horror game. Do not expect to find any horror stories or scares. It is just an action platform game centered around Halloween and shadow people.

1. Bugs. There should not be any bugs. I fixed all that I have encountered. But if you find glitches and want to tell me, please email me josh_tamugaia @ yahoo. com (remove the spaces) If you tell me in a review I may overlook it. Thanks!

2. Keys. The default keys are WSAD for movement, G for jump, H for attack, Space bar for dash (so that you can hold down Space with your thumb while playing). But you can change the keys. But please note that WSAD, GH Space works the best. Other keys might not work that well in this game, but anyway you can change the keys within the game, so this is not much of a problem. FOR THOSE COMPLAINING THAT YOU DON'T LIKE THE KEYS, one last time :

------{{{{{{[[[[[[[[ YOU CAN CHANGE THE CONTROLS!!! ]]]]}}}}}}------

3. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. Once you get the hang of it, this should not be hard at all.

4. I would like to thank Kimble and Kheni (kimken) for their awesome awesome music!

Did I mention that you can configure the controls? No? OK, you can change the keys if you don't like WSAD ... OK? OK. Thanks.


Please pardon me for mentioning that you can "CHANGE THE CONTROLS" many times cause apparently there are some people who don't like the controls and don't wanna change them even though they can and blame me and give me 2/10 lol. That type of people, you know? Obviously, there is no flash game control system that can please EVERYONE, that's why the controls are changeable.

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This was a good game. It did have its flaws. I did not like it how it was a bit hard to hit your enemies. It was just weird how it was all laid out. It was still quite creative, if a little weird, with the black blobs. Well, there's more to it in the game!

I thought the controls were really weird. You should have made them customizable. Those are always good for games. The music was pretty good. I do think the graphics are good.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks Ericho. Well, the game was quite rushed. I hurried up for a game contest. In the end, it still didn't make the deadline...


The controls were ugh, but maybe it is just me, otherwise it is a good game.

Please no mouse

I disagree with the use of a mouse that some other people are suggesting. Maybe it would work with the gun, but using a mouse with the fists and sword would just be annoying.

I would of loved it more.....

Cant you make it so you can use mouse to shoot?
Meh you probably wont bother looking at the reviews much

Not bad

nice game.

but i prefer to use the mouse, rather than having both hands on the keyboard.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
11:55 AM EDT