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Author Comments

Control the pumpkin and avoid the skulls, its as easy as that, in either easy, medium or insane mode. Also, if some skulls are still on stage after you die, click on them and they should disappear.

Music is Phoenix Feather by g-r4ve and a This is Halloween remix by Februus.

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dont get mad at people cuz the game isnt good? i agree with those saying "i dont like it" i know its SUPPOSED to be random, i know you will hold on to taht sad sad argument fact for the life of you, but listen to this, games are supposed to take skill, i know this one apperently doesnt, but they are supposed to be, what i did was i just left it there after a few tries, went got a drink, something to snack on and came back, about 3 seconds after i came back i lost, but thats not a game, thats 'hey lets make something stupid..yay!"
The reason that guy said "its ok for a first" is because the skill invlolved in it is a first level flash artist..really. they appear out of no where, have a simple random apear script or they are already pre ordained, just you use them in different patterns everytime. The only good thing really is the movement of the pumpkin, that was really good and smooth, you should implement that into the skulls. if you remake the game and make the skull move, then it would be good. at first im yelling at you cuz your yelling at everyone else like a tard on meth... but now im giving you good criticism. Remake the game so teh skulls move. also, dont yell at me because of my grammer, im not very good at typing fast..so dont comment on my typing like you did some one else...
15 t|-|4t 0|< \/\/1t|-| y0|_|???

Cherban responds:

You spelt 'because' wrong. And typing fast has nothing to do with correct grammar.

And what do you mean, 'games are supposed to take skill'. This is a game. It takes no skill. Your point is void.

But otherwise, yeah, I might make a game where the skulls move, and on harder difficulties there are more and they move faster. Probably. Maybe. No.

Simple, Yet Awesome



Don't be mad at JRDemon23, he just gives you advice (the reason why you normaly put stuff here ...) However I completely agree with him on the game being impossible to play, while you don't know where the skulls will show up.

4 for the game (because the concept needs improvements to make it playable), 2 for your attitude ...

Cherban responds:

The skulls not knowing where they show up - I repeat, entire point of the game. ITS RANDOMNESS!!!


Keep up the good work.

I found this game frustrating.

I could be the only one. I played on easy, I do not consider myself a poor gamer and yet it was rather frustrating (hence topic line). I will list my reasons for you below.

- The skulls did not appear smooth in their animation or how they moved around (so how can you predict where to move?).
- That makes the game dumb luck. When they spawn/generate in very quickly it does not seem reasonable to try and move your pumpkin to a new location.
- Further example because I am not sure how to explain appropriately and my description so far does not satisfy me.
- I moved the pumpkin over an empty space and randomly a skull appeared in the direction I was moving, with no precursor to where the skull was before.

If that was intent for Houdini like trick, then I feel like this game is sub par because it has turned into black jack without the numbers and %'s. It is just a lucky lotto ticket, that means no skill in required to play it.

I do believe you have a good concept, if the skulls moved more fluid or there was a more understood flight path, then the game would be an excellent puzzle and I would give you a 7 or 8 due to it being much more involved for the player due to skill.

My PC is more then powerful enough to play the game, so I can not picture lag or slow down being the problem.

Cherban responds:

Congratulations. You have just grasped the concept of the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME.

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
8:10 AM EDT