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Legend of Luik

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Update: I'm absolutely thrilled with the reviews for this. There aren't that many, but the advice I've been getting has been some top notch stuff. I can't believe I've reached this level of Criticism.

My first Serious cartoon ever. I'm just glad I finally finished it. It took much much longer than it should have.

Hope you enjoy it.

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i love this music video! ^_^ i hope i become a great flash animater like you someday.


That was pretty Epic.
The animation was a little sloppy at some parts but all in all i enjoyed it.
I didn't like the song at first but it grew on me while watching it.

Really enjoyed it

Interesting choice of song for a medieval fantasy story, and I approve very much. Your pretty crude drawing is overlooked by the match of colour and animation to the song, and by the story you managed to tell very well without words. The expression you somehow manage to give characters seemingly drawn on Paint shows you have a lot of potential.

"The definition of a hero is someone who gets other people killed." Right? A good portrayal of the darker, guiltier side of heroism. The scene with the bloody hands and the silent journey home. Top notch. Well done, TX. When you recover from having heard that song a million times over and have more practice with animation, I think you could get Front Page if you had another go at this flash.

Good luck in whatever you're doing next.

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Preaty Good.

Hey, it wasent bad at all. I was wiered out by the moon, and the purple skined people, but I can look past that. Good job, and I can see this as a good, maybe front page cartoon.

GF2 : )

TX2 responds:

I don't know, purple mountain people just made sense to me.

Hey, I'd be fine just making it to the music video section...

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4.45 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2007
5:49 PM EDT