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Enter Frenzy

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'Enter Frenzy'

In this Hallowe'en-themed submission in the 'Enter' series, Seth, Frenzy, Johnka, and Mike go out trick-or-treating, only to stumble upon an odd house.

This submission is probably my best, graphically, ever made with KoolMoves. Happy Hallowe'en!

Sound Effects from Websites

Enjoy, and once again, Happy Hallowe'en!

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I'd have to say this is one of the better animated movies I've seen from you. The joke was kind of funny, and I guess for what was offered in this, the length wasn't bad.

^^Needs Improving^^
Honestly, I was hoping this would be longer. When it ended I said "That's it?" I definitely think you cut this short. You basically focused on the one joke and did nothing else with this. Overall, not bad though.

Frenzy responds:

Sorry about the length, my Flash program was running slowly and I thought it would crash any minute. Thanks for the review!

PS Some character graphics done by Element.

Could have been funnier

If you'd have stolen the concept of 'ghostmas' from Blockhead, but it's a decently applied plotline, with all things considered.

Really need to work on the background. Such an understated piece of a flash presentation looks so wrong, when it's not there. Plus, what the fuck is KM?

I like how you got the four friends with different sounding speakonia voices - that really works for something like this and gives it a touch of the Clock Crew about it.

[Review Request Club]

Frenzy responds:

Never seen 'Ghostmas'

KM is the program I use. Only have the demo, so I can't get rid of it.

Doing differnet backgrounds is awkward, I'll probably do it in thd future though.

Thanks for the review!

kinda funney, but lacking

The ending made me laugh. The voice's seemed good with the animation. But the movie wasn't very well animated. But you did a resonable job so I'll give you a 3.

Frenzy responds:


uhm yeah good

it sucked so much it was good, nice graphics nice story line.

Frenzy responds:

I'll take that as a compliment!

Thanks for the review!

From Gunslinger

pesonally i think this short portal is gay as what. come on people do u remember good flash still. That just looks like cut and paste off of paper. this movie is not good so enter frenzy creator learn some better flash and u will be up there with the rest so wait till u create another one and practice onyour flash. im sorry if u take this offensive.

Frenzy responds:

K... well thanks for the review!