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This is a little game I made for n00bday and halloween. You have to bounce the baby and stop it falling on spikes. Be sure to read the instructions and to go into the options for some nice stuff.

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I guess the reason why the title is all garbled up is beacause this game doesn't make a whole lot of sense...But to be fair it's at least playable. A baby collecting pumpkins. Sounds random enough to me.

Try to make something worth while next time okay?


You know that when a baby is bouncing on a small platform avove a bunch of very sharp spikes, grabbing pumpkins...is bound to die.

Hard to control the plank. The baby bounced w/o it

Sorry. Daddy no likee.

Poor baby :(

Just because the baby get riped off, i dont like it :( lol

Also, it bounce without even touching the plank..

Could have been beter, maybe add some level, whatever.

Great fun

I thought it was pretty cool. Glad you used my music!

I encountered a bug where the bat got stuck on one side of the screen, and then the direction keys suddenly reversed - strange...

Apart from that, I really enjoyed its simplicity, physics and....music, lol.

Not quite sure you should treat babies like that though...