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Blow The Whistle!

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WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS IN SOME PARTS! They aren't as powerfull as to cause a seizure, but who knows what may happen. If you have light sensitivity, watch this animation at your own risk.
Wow!! NG Parodies collection? Awesome! Thank you for suggesting it!
And, thanks to the NG staff too!!

Well, an animation at will be enjoyed the most by the older users (and the not so old ones, like me) (it means the time you have been on newgrounds, not your age).

This animation was going to be only a loop ,but it ended up being longer (it's almost 1:30) but still loops.It's pretty funny,I think...and also, RANDOM!!!!

If you like random things, you will love this. It may also be kind of educative!

Art and Animation:
Andres Gonzalez (AKA Androu1) (me)

Blow My Whistle by DJ Alligator Project

PS: Excessive Explicit Text because of the random reviews that appear in a part.
WARNING: CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS IN SOME PARTS! They aren't as powerfull as to cause a seizure,but who knows what may happen.If you have light sensitivity,watch this animation at your own risk.

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god thats best animation i ever see XDDDDDD


Awesome. And by way, garbage whistle sucks. I hope I won't drop to garbage whistle

Haha, can't believe I haven't seen this earlier! Though it's not as simple as the original whistle animation, it's just as good, if not better. The way the whistles all gain a life of their own and go out on a venture to punish and hand out judgement, and the portal characters all get involved, it just brings in a lot of nostalgia in the movie. Great music and great animation to go with it, and a theme that really brings me back. Keep it going!


i wanna get blowen!, on second thoughts?

ewwwww I have a dirty mind